Have You Considered the Subdivision Electrical Connections?

29 November 2021
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What's involved in planning a subdivision? You might think all that is involved is marking off the plots on a map and selling the plots to separate owners, but the reality is more complex. One of your primary concerns will be whether all your proposed plots are viable.

What constitutes viability?

On a subdivision, every plot needs to be viable. If you cannot make good use of all the available space, you will find it hard to keep your subdivision profitable. For a specific plot to be viable, you must ensure that the land is a suitable size on which to build. The plot must also have access to the highway so that the owners can access their property. A consideration that occasionally gets overlooked is the need for utilities to supply every property on the subdivision. You can't squeeze in a property on a subdivision if there is no way for the electricity supplier to serve the property. Planing access routes for the energy suppliers at an early stage will avoid serious complications later in the design process.

Arranging an electrical installation

Building the homes on a subdivision is a job you can use any builder for. However, when it is time to prepare the electrical infrastructure, you have much less choice. With electrical work, you must demonstrate that the work meets particular standards, and you can only use a designer and contractor approved by the electricity company. They must be able to demonstrate experience configuring Energex subdivisions. To connect your subdivisions without any problems, find a consultant with a proven track record working with Energex subdivisions. The consultant can guide you through the entire process.

How to complete electricity connections

If you are working with an accredited designer who has submitted applications to connect Energex subdivisions in the past, you should have no problems. They must complete the plans so that they will satisfy any concerns the Energy company may have. Once the paperwork has been completed, it can be submitted to Energex who should approve it in a few weeks. After Energex has approved the application, you must use one of their approved contractors to carry out the construction work. At the end of the construction process, a final audit will be needed before the installation is energized and the work can be formally signed off. If you have any questions about how the process might work on your subdivision, your consultant should be happy to address them.