3 Different Types of Emergency Electric Problems You May Encounter in Your Home

9 September 2021
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Although preventative electrical maintenance helps keep your home's electrical system working properly, problems resulting in electrical emergencies can still occur. This makes emergency electrical repair work unavoidable. 

Here are a few common electrical emergencies that you may face in your home.

Faulty electrical outlets

The electrical outlets in your home are what allow you to connect your electrical devices and equipment to the power supply. If you notice smoke, strange noises or burnt smells coming from these power outlets while an electrical device is plugged in, this is an indication of an underlying issue with your home's electrical system.

If the problem is left unaddressed, it can cause burns, electrical shocks or even house fires. The best way to keep your family and property safe from faulty electrical outlets is to get the issue fixed right away.

Power outages

A power outage is one of the biggest electrical emergencies you may encounter in your home as it can translate to no lighting, heating, air conditioning and operation of household appliances such as fridges, microwave ovens, electric cookers, TVs and many more. Before you contact an electrician to look into the issue, you should ascertain that the issue is isolated to your home.

If the overhead electricity lines connected to your home have suffered storm damage, inform your power utility company about the issue. Meanwhile, you'll need to disconnect the power connection to your home at the main electrical service panel. If there's no storm damage to your power lines, you'll still need to contact your electrical power supplier to find out if they have scheduled the power outage.

Only bring in an electrician if the power outage is unique to your home.

Lighting issues

The electrical lighting system installed in your home helps ensure all rooms or areas of the house are properly lit. If you turn the lights on and notice that they're flickering or dimming continuously, it is most likely that you have an electrical problem in your home. Flickering or dimming lights are usually caused by wiring issues or overloaded circuits but they can also be caused by other factors.

The best way to deal with the problem is to have a qualified electrician have a look at it.

A common mistake to avoid when you are facing an electrical emergency in your home is tackling the issue yourself. Electricity is a major safety hazard that requires a fully trained electrician to handle it. If you experience any of the above-highlighted electrical problems, don't hesitate to call a residential electrician near you for emergency electric repair services.

Contact an electric repair contractor to learn more.