Outdoor Deck Lighting Tips to Transform Your Outdoor Space

17 February 2021
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Deck lighting can transform your outdoor area into a cosy space for you and your family to relax in the evenings. Unlike other outdoor lighting systems, deck lighting should aim to promote safety while creating a romantic ambience. It should also light up the surroundings to give you beautiful views of your landscape. Therefore, as you embark on the lighting project, here are a few tips that will transform your home. Read More 

Deciphering Electrical Control Panels for New Installations

4 December 2020
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The manufacturing and installation of electrical control panels is a complex process in modern commercial setups. Fast-moving technological advancements coupled with strict regulations make it difficult for technicians to design cost-friendly and robust panels. Therefore, the design of an excellent product requires knowledgeable electricians who are continually refining their expertise on electrical control panels. They must come up with appropriate design guidelines that will suit your specific business needs. Generally, the design also incorporates specialised integration and programming for your electrical components. Read More 

3 Advantages of Hiring Electricians to Install Your Solar Panels

28 September 2020
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One of the most crucial steps towards lowering your monthly energy bills is moving away from the dependency of public utility. Many owners of commercial and residential properties are switching to solar energy due to its many benefits. Solar energy is readily available, free and renewable. However, you must install high-quality solar panels to generate adequate electric power to meet your needs.  The task of installing solar panels in your home or business may seem so simple and doable by any individual with a basic understanding of electricity. Read More 

Reasons To Schedule Ceiling Fan Installation Before Summer Rolls Around

17 July 2020
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Although summer may seem to be a long way off, it is never too early to start preparing your home for the sweltering temperatures that are sure to be a source of discomfort both day and night. You could be thinking that this entails scheduling air conditioning maintenance to make sure that this system will be in working condition, but how about forgoing the AC altogether? An excellent alternative would be hiring an electrician to come and install ceiling fans throughout your residence. Read More 

Does Your Home Have an Overloaded Circuit? Watch Out for These Signs

29 April 2020
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Overloaded circuits are some of the major causes of electrical fires in homes. An electrical overload will occur when you draw too much electricity than what your circuits can safely handle. And this usually happens when you connect too many electrical fixtures or components to a given circuit. An overloaded circuit is dangerous because you may end up with losses resulting from damaged electrical equipment and appliances. What's more, overloading a circuit may result in overheating of the electrical components, which is what often results in electrical fires. Read More