3 Ways an Electrician Can Help Make Your Electrical System More Environmentally Friendly

24 June 2021
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Electricity is what runs most households. Without a reliable power supply, you would have a challenge performing even the most basic functions in your modern home. Nevertheless, most homeowners do not understand how their electrical systems work. It is advisable to keep tabs on the performance of your system by conducting a professional energy audit every few years.

With advances in technology, your electrician might recommend certain measures to increase energy efficiency in your home. Here are three ways an electrician can make your electrical system friendlier to the environment.

1. Change the Lightbulbs

The lightbulbs might seem like the least of your concerns when trying to cut down your energy bills. However, bulbs significantly affect your overall energy expenditure. Keep in mind that incandescent and fluorescent bulbs use a filament and halogen, which consume a lot of power to keep the lights burning. The bulbs also get hot and raise the overall temperature of a room, meaning you will have to spend a little extra on air conditioning costs.

For these reasons, you should consider switching from traditional lighting options to LED lighting. LED bulb technology eliminates the heat and uses a small fraction of the power compared to other bulbs. The cost of replacing the old bulb technology with LED will pay off greatly in the end.

2. Conduct an Appliance Overhaul

Another way to improve your power consumption and make your home greener is by doing an appliance overhaul. Sometimes, appliances can cause an escalation of your electrical bills. Old fridges, TVs, washing machines and stoves tend to consume more power than the newer ones. The modern appliances come with state-of-the-art technology that ensures energy efficiency.

For example, some fridge models allow you to scan and see what is inside it before opening the door. The reduced amount of time that the door stays open prevents loss of cool air.

3. Get Programmable Appliances

Another smart hack that can help you increase energy efficiency in your home is getting programmable appliances. Get a thermostat that helps control heat inside your home, even when you are away. That way, you can program the air conditioner to turn on an hour before you get home. Similarly, you can set up the furnace to turn on a few hours before people get back from work in the winter.

These are simple and very effective hacks to help you reduce electrical power consumption in your home. Choose an electrician for your energy audit, and execute their recommendations to create a greener home.