Outdoor Deck Lighting Tips to Transform Your Outdoor Space

17 February 2021
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Deck lighting can transform your outdoor area into a cosy space for you and your family to relax in the evenings. Unlike other outdoor lighting systems, deck lighting should aim to promote safety while creating a romantic ambience. It should also light up the surroundings to give you beautiful views of your landscape. Therefore, as you embark on the lighting project, here are a few tips that will transform your home.

Consider deck safety

Decks come with staircases and posts that can be hazardous if they aren't properly lit. Therefore, the most basic form of lighting is one that illuminates the steps and posts. When choosing lights for the steps, go for subtle stair risers. These offer enough light to prevent trip accidents, but they are not distracting. Each bulb should light up the stair below it to create a clear path down the staircase. As for post lights, go for fixtures that will cast a soft glow to create a relaxing ambience around your deck.

Assess the surroundings

When lighting your deck, don't focus on the patio area only. Are there any landscaping fixtures that could highlight with accent lights? Do you have a yard or a pool nearby? Don't leave the deck surroundings in the dark. Invest in lighting fixtures for the pool and pool area, pathways leading to the garden and the perimeter of your lawn. Soft accent lights create a beautiful view for you to enjoy as you relax on the deck at night.

Get creative with lighting

There are a lot of creative ways of lighting your deck. If you have a large deck, use recessed lighting to light the surface, especially on days when you wish to entertain. If you have a pergola or awning over the deck area, attach recessed lighting to cast a soft glow while highlighting the structure.

You can also use LED string lights along the deck railing or balustrades. These are tucked away beneath the railing so that you can see the light, but not the fixture. If you have large, mature trees near your deck, mount a light fixture in the tree. The tree branches create fascinating shadows as the light filters through them, creating the illusion of moonlight shining on the deck.

Say no to glare

The best deck lighting should not produce any glare. The last thing you want is to have high-power bulbs and sharp lighting shining directly into your eyes as you try to relax. Therefore, when choosing your fixtures, go for ones that emit a soft glow rather than harsh light. Your contractor can also use glare shields to soften the lighting and prevent glare.

Consider the above tips when installing deck lighting. Consult an electrician for installation services.