Deciphering Electrical Control Panels for New Installations

4 December 2020
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The manufacturing and installation of electrical control panels is a complex process in modern commercial setups. Fast-moving technological advancements coupled with strict regulations make it difficult for technicians to design cost-friendly and robust panels. Therefore, the design of an excellent product requires knowledgeable electricians who are continually refining their expertise on electrical control panels. They must come up with appropriate design guidelines that will suit your specific business needs. Generally, the design also incorporates specialised integration and programming for your electrical components. If you are looking to install electrical control panels in your commercial facility, here are some things you must know:

The Basics

An industrial electrical control panel refers to an assembly of several circuit components. It could also be a combination of two components operating at a set voltage. These panels come in handy for regulating and controlling all electrically-operated features to ensure that they run efficiently. The panels also come in handy when you want to isolate malfunctioning equipment for repairs and maintenance.

Categories of Electrical Control Panels

You have several options when it comes to the choices you can use for electrical panels. These types include:

Enclosed electrical control panels

Enclosed control panels come with an enclosure and the electrical installed within it. The items used to close and mount the panel also accompany this enclosure. Specialists assess the exposed components to ensure that the panels do not pose a shock hazard to the users. Qualified electricians ensure that this does not happen.

Open electrical control panels 

Open control panels differ from the first option discussed above. The control panels here come with the terminals, wiring and other components fitted to a subpanel rather than a complete enclosure. The enclosure here is included as a part of the whole installation.

Industrial electrical control panels 

The industrial control panels undergo severe investigation and examination to make sure that the panels meet construction-based needs. The rule of thumb here is to add the components involved and examine the installations to make sure that they meet safety and operational demands.

Maintenance of the Electrical Control Panels

The electrical control panels require maintenance for optimal functionality. A good design makes it easy to keep the whole unit in good shape. The maintenance starts with tightening the connection screws and ensuring that the connection doesn't cause high resistance. During this stage, you also get to clean and reassemble the electrical terminals. Secondly, you should perform resistance tests regularly to spot possible wiring failures.