Reasons To Schedule Ceiling Fan Installation Before Summer Rolls Around

17 July 2020
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Although summer may seem to be a long way off, it is never too early to start preparing your home for the sweltering temperatures that are sure to be a source of discomfort both day and night. You could be thinking that this entails scheduling air conditioning maintenance to make sure that this system will be in working condition, but how about forgoing the AC altogether? An excellent alternative would be hiring an electrician to come and install ceiling fans throughout your residence. Modern ceiling fans are a far cry from their traditional counterparts in both design as well as functionality. Below are just a few compelling reasons to schedule ceiling fan installation before summer rolls around.

Curtail the rise of your energy expenses

While ceiling fans operate on electricity, the amount of power they consume is drastically lower than a majority of air conditioning systems. Therefore, not only will the ceiling fan installation help with slashing down your household expenses but you can also enjoy the comfort that it offers without a shred of guilt. To make the most out of their efficiency, be sure to request new-age ceiling fans with the highest energy rating, as these will translate into unbelievably more cost-cutting. If you are not ready to let go of your AC in its entirety, installing ceiling fans will still be a good idea as they can supplement your cooling needs. Hence, the AC will not have to operate for long hours.

Complement your interior décor

A surprising advantage of modern ceiling fans that not many homeowners are aware of is their refined appearance. Gone are the days when these fans were clunky structures whose blades stuck out conspicuously on the ceiling. Modern-day solutions come in a vast range of design-centric options that are guaranteed to complement your current aesthetic. For instance, if your interior design is inspired by Scandinavian style, you could opt for maple toned ceiling fans with short, subtle blades that will blend in with the room. On the other hand, if your home is inspired by Japanese architecture, minimalist bamboo ceiling fans will fit right in.

Maximise on smart living

The third reason why you should invest in ceiling fan installation is to make the most of the smart features that offered by the new-age variety. One may be surprised to learn that some of the current brands integrate Wi-Fi capabilities into these ceiling fans, which ensure you can operate them right from your smartphone. Additional features you could consider from your ceiling fans include smart lighting, occupancy sensors and more.

Take note, since most homeowners wait until the summer to hire electricians for these projects, it is best to enlist ceiling fan installation before demand is high.

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