Are You Using Technology to Really Manage Your Life?

31 August 2018
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When you think of technology, you may immediately reach for your smartphone, as for many people, this represents a real life-changer in helping them to manage their daily existence. You may use your device to help you be more productive on a daily basis, capture photos and videos to cherish those precious moments or use an app to check your bank balance. However, are you really in tune with the latest developments and using technology to manage your home life while keeping your family as secure as possible?

Upgrading to the Tablet

There's no such thing as standard security systems anymore, as the latest solutions have become complete home management devices. At one time, you may have had a small control panel on the wall which would allow you to input certain commands, but today you will be supplied with a wireless tablet that is effectively the "brain" of your secure kingdom. You can program your security needs from here while sending signals to other devices around the home for easier management.

Issuing Commands

For example, you can adjust the temperature of a bedroom so that it is perfect when the family finally retires, or you can close the door of your garage from afar if you forgot to do this before. You can also have a look outside if somebody rings the doorbell so you can see who is there without dropping your current task.

Easier Life

You may have been used to arming your alarm and then running out of the door quickly so that you didn't activate it. That kind of inefficiency is long gone now as you can arm your system remotely when you are sitting in your car outside. You can send a message to temporarily disarm your system when you're sitting at your desk at work if you need to give the cleaner access for a short time.

Streams of Data

If anything were to go wrong, you will be able to receive comprehensive data no matter where you are so that you can take your own action. However, not every event constitutes an emergency and your data stream may help you to lead an easier life instead. For example, you may want to know when your children get home from work, and the system can send you a notification by text to tell you when they open the front door. You may even opt to get a short video clip for confirmation at the same time.

Emphasis on Security

As you may expect, this type of system will really focus on security, and it can be configured to confuse any potential thief before they consider any action. Your system can be set up to activate individual lights within the property on a random basis, open and close shutters or blinds or switch on a sound source for further confusion.

Installing Your System

So remember: technology does not begin and end with your smartphone but extends into your tablet-based security system. Have a word with your electrician so that you can get this type of solution installed in your home promptly.