4 Ways to Combat Electrical Fires

24 January 2017
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If you do not properly manage and maintain the electrical system in your home, you may experience an electrical fire. An electrical fire will place your property and your loved ones at risk. Below is a guide to 4 steps you can take to reduce the possibility of an electrical fire within your home.

Do not overload plugs and sockets

A modern home contains a vast number of electrical appliances. It is important that you pay close attention to the number of devices you plug into the sockets in your home. Many homeowners use extension power sticks in order to boost the number of sockets in their home. However, if you keep adding additional appliances, you increase the amount of stress within the electrical system. This extra stress can cause electrical devices to spark or short circuit, leading to an electrical fire.

Keep up to date with product recalls

When it is established that a household electrical item is suffering from a design fault, such as loose wiring, the manufacturer will issue a product recall. The product recall notice will detail the particular model and make of the affected product and details of how it can be returned to the manufacturer.  When you return the recalled product, you will typically be offered a replacement product or a full refund. In order to keep up to date with product recalls, you should check www.productsafety.gov.au. This website contains a comprehensive list of products which have been recalled.

Have the electrical system in your home inspected

You should periodically have the electrical system within your home inspected by a fully qualified electrician. The contractor will carry out a full review of the fuse box, appliances and wiring within your home, before carrying out any necessary repair work.

Think about the location and position of electrical appliances

If an electrical appliance is placed in a poor position, it can pose a serious fire risk even if it is in good working order. For example, you should ensure that items such as curtains or blinds do not cover the vents on electrical appliances such as your television. Blocked vents could cause the televisions to overheat, leading to a fire. You should also ensure that the fan vents of computers are not blocked by being pressed flush against walls or other surfaces.

If you have any concerns about electrical safety in your home, contact an electrician today.