Electrical Services: Signs Your Wiring Should Be Replaced

30 December 2016
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For some homeowners, their relationship with their electrical wiring is out of sight, out of mind. As long as it is in working order, not many people will consider whether it requires some maintenance or repairs. However, electrical wiring does not have a permanent shelf life. Over time, constant exposure to surges or age can take its toll on your electrical wiring This, in turn, leads to a myriad of electrical problems around the home, which if not addressed could be quite hazardous to your household. So how do you discern that it may be time to replace your electrical wiring?

The fuses in your home are tripping on a constant basis

Fuses may trip from time to time due to a wide assortment of reasons. However, if you find that this has become the norm rather than an occasional occurrence, it could be a warning sign of a malfunctioning circuit breaker. If your circuit breaker cannot prevent this tripping from occurring, your electrical appliances become at risk of burning out due to an electrical surge. In addition to this, regular power surges also pose the risk of an electrical fire in your home. This would not only be injurious but could also lead to extensive property damage. Thus, it is prudent to hire an electric contractor to establish the problem and replace your circuit breaker if need be.

The lights in your home are flickering constantly

Another sign that your electrical wiring may require an overhaul is you begin to notice that your lights are flickering on a regular basis. A mistake some homeowners make is assuming that this problem is limited to the bulbs they are using. As such, a bulb will blow and they will simply replace it and move on. However, if the flickering lights are occurring around the home rather than being limited to one fixture, the reality is your electrical system may be experiencing an overload. This flickering will typically be apparent when using large appliances, such as turning on a vacuum cleaner. It would be necessary to have an electrical contractor come and inspect your wiring.

The outlets in your home have changed in appearance

It is essential for homeowners to carry out regular inspections on the outlets and light switches in their home on a regular basis. This is because if there is a problem with your electrical wiring, chances are it will start by affecting these components. When inspecting these components, check for signs of discolouration, malformation or scorching. All these would indicate electrical fires occurring and your electrical wiring would need immediate attention from a contractor who offers residential electrical services.